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Grant Funding Success: Are You Ready?

The Organizational Capacity Assessment Report Grant dollars are the life blood of most non-profits and yet many non-profits don’t fully understand the importance of being “grant ready” as they expend countless hours researching and completing grant applications only to receive the dreaded “not funded” letter.  Even with the talent of a team like Palmetto Grant […]

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Creating Effective Partnerships for Competitive Grant Proposals, Part 2

In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of integrating your nonprofit’s partnerships into grant proposals to increase credibility and showcase how your services dovetail with other providers in your community. Today we’ll look at how to choose organizations as partners that can be mutually beneficial to all parties. The Independent Sector has developed […]

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Sustainability… is a journey…

Most funders require organizations to craft a sustainability statement to define how the particular program will continue after funding is gone. Sustainability goes much beyond obtaining and maintaining funding. It is an ongoing process…a frame of mind. I like to look at sustainability as a continuous journey, and not a destination, and not a definitive […]

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