Creating Effective Partnerships for Competitive Grant Proposals, Part 2

In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of integrating your nonprofit’s partnerships into grant proposals to increase credibility and showcase how your services dovetail with other providers in your community. Today we’ll look at how to choose organizations as partners that can be mutually beneficial to all parties.

The Independent Sector has developed 5 key questions to ask when considering a partnership:

  1. Does the potential partner have an excellent community reputation?
  2. Can we develop mutually acceptable approaches to meet mutual goals?
  3. Does the potential partner offer high-quality programs and services with professional staff?
  4. Can we secure the resources needed to implement the partnership?
  5. Can we define and agree on conditions for continuing and terminating the partnership?

Actively seek new partnerships

Ask these questions continuously, not just when you bring potential partners to the table for grant opportunities. Make your nonprofit more competitive and achieve lofty impact goals by creating a culture of partnership in your community. Think creatively – what do you need to solve big, entrenched problems, and whose resources do you need to do it? Develop your Fantasy Football Team of community leaders, and then map relationships to leverage connections. If there aren’t any that you can think of, make a cold call. It is incredibly flattering to be invited to talk with others because you have the reputation and resources to make a difference in people’s lives.

Do your research

There is a wealth of information on ways to build partnerships and engage with existing networks. We encourage our clients to enhance their capacity and leverage impact by exploring ways they can strengthen their collaborations and be highly competitive with prospective funders. Launch this endeavor today and your nonprofit will reap the dividends in funding and social impact. Contact us at Palmetto Grant Consulting to learn about how we can help integrate your partnerships into compelling grant funding proposals!


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