Grant Funding Success: Are You Ready?

The Organizational Capacity Assessment Report

Grant dollars are the life blood of most non-profits and yet many non-profits don’t fully understand the importance of being “grant ready” as they expend countless hours researching and completing grant applications only to receive the dreaded “not funded” letter.  Even with the talent of a team like Palmetto Grant Consulting, without having the fundamental policies, procedures, and other operational processes and documents in place, achieving success in grant writing will be difficult to achieve. In this article we explore the components of an organizational capacity assessment tool that promises to put your non-profit on the best footing for securing and retaining grant funding streams.

The Organizational Capacity Assessment Report (OCAR) is the output of Palmetto Grant Consulting’s evaluation of an organization’s ability to fulfill its mission and its capacity to successfully pursue and win grant funding.  The OCAR is a written summary, based on an organization’s response to a self-assessment questionnaire, in-depth interviews with key leadership representatives and an evaluation of critical organizational documents (or the absence thereof), along with powerful recommendations for achieving grant readiness.  The OCAR scores six key components and attributes of organizational capacity as follows:

Governance and Leadership –

Ability to keep the organization aligned and forward moving, inspires excellence and growth.

Mission, Vision, and Strategy –

Clearly defines organization purpose and direction and establishes how the organization will accomplish goals and objectives.

Program Development and Impact –

Speaks to the organization’s reason for existence and highlights the operational areas that drive service/product delivery.

Strategic Relationships –

Represents the ability of the organization to achieve goals through collaborative and cooperative community partnerships and engagement.

Financial and Resource Management –

Demonstrates the credibility, fidelity, accountability, and transparency of the organization in core support areas such as finance and accounting, human resources, etc.

Operations –

Ensures the operation runs efficiently to help reach full potential.

The OCAR is an honest reflection of your organization’s common understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as they relate to organizational efficiency and effectiveness in its operations, governance, and ability to appeal to funders who hold a common interest in the overall organizational mission, vision, and values.  Consequently, the OCAR can be used as a catalyst for change to address those areas that are seen as barriers and to leverage areas of strength and opportunity.

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