Grant Writing Benefits BEYOND the Financial

There are many ancillary benefits to writing and submitting grants that go beyond the economic development of your organization. They are outlined below. With funders moving more and more toward partnering with strong, efficient, and effective organizations, you may want to assess whether you are as strong as you could and should be.

Over the next several weeks, we will be highlighting and offering suggestions on how to move your organization toward becoming a “highly effective” one.

Palmetto Grant Consulting ensures that each proposal is not only fundable and well-written, but capitalizes on these benefits as well, so that your organization reaps numerous rewards, both internally and externally. This post emphasizes the internal benefits and next post will outline the external ones, so stay tuned!

Internal Rewards

  1. Increased Organization and Clarity – Proposal development helps in gaining significant insight toward mission and vision, as well as formulation and progress on goals, objectives, and strategic plans. It helps with identifying gaps in services, needs, target populations, and evaluation methods. (
  2. Resource Management – In clarifying mission, goals and objectives, resources, such as time, personnel, and finances, are managed more effectively and efficiently.
  3. Team Building – It helps get “everyone on the same page.” Even if the writing is outsourced, it still requires significant collaboration in gathering of information and data. The shear act of pulling together a proposal involves deep staff involvement, in-put, and buy-in.
  4. Strong Sustainability Plan – Most funders require the organizations they fund to have some sort of sustainability plan, which should include a fund-raising component. Each part of your strategic plan relies on the other. If one area is functioning well, then it is more likely that the others can as well. (
  5. Helps Ensure Success – Focusing your organization toward outcomes and understanding the needs of your target population and the community, proposal formulation helps build accountability into all areas of your work – both in a general operating capacity and programmatically. Accountability then leads to success and positive impact. (

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