At Palmetto Grant Consulting, we analyze grant opportunities and seek partnerships with clients who have a strong commitment to promoting their mission. Our number-one priority is to establish meaningful and ongoing relationships with our clients, resulting in grant funds that allow your organization to advance its strategic initiatives.

Our grant writers and staff are skilled in all aspects of the grant process, and work with you the continuum from funding needs assessment and research to building relationships and writing grants to help you reach your funding goals.

Palmetto Grant Consulting can assist your organization in the following funding areas:

Funding Research

Targeted funder research is essential to the grant writing process. PGC can help you identify funding sources by reviewing subject matter terms, geographic area, the target populations you serve, then create a master grant calendar of potential state/federal funding and corporate/private foundations. We then complete a vetting process, to confirm that prospective funders are a good fit for your organization and its programs.

Grant Writing

Palmetto Grant Consulting provides a range of grant writing services – we prepare letters of intent, cover letters, federal forms, proposal narratives, budgets and required attachments (resumes, service areas, organizational charts letters of support, etc.). Grant writing includes city, state, federal, corporate and private foundation proposals/applications. We will submit final proposals, and conduct follow-up research to ensure a complete process for your organization. We also assist in preparation for a site visit and/or funder review.

Our strong writing and in-house editing staff can prepare persuasive proposals that highlight your mission, programs, outcomes, and impacts appropriately to funders. We write each proposal with a customized approach, taking into consideration how your strengths fit a funder’s priorities.

Grant Readiness

Our organizational and grant readiness reviews constructively examine your current policies, systems, and procedures and offer best practices recommendations from highly successful grant seeking organizations so you end up with a stronger operation. We use a checklist system to determine if you have all the documents in place to begin writing, and review your program and strategic plan to accurately pin-point your message to funders.

Strategic Planning

Through strategic planning, Palmetto Grant Consulting helps your organization formulate a focused plan of work that is strategically aligned with your vision, mission, values and goals. We help with the construction of strategies, tactics, benchmarks and success measures to help you gauge your efficiency and effectiveness along the way.

Board Development

Palmetto Grant Consulting understands that an active, involved board is vital to an organization’s success. We will evaluate your current Board make up and effectiveness, and help create and define Board Member roles, responsibilities,  expectations, and goals/objectives.

Organizational and Grant Assessment

PGC offers an Organizational Assessment Profile Tool to help nonprofits determine their strengths and weaknesses relating to grant readiness. The Assessment scores six key components and attributes of organizational capacity, and includes a detailed consultation with a grant professional, evaluation of documentation, and a review of grant history.

Grant Workshops / Staff Coaching

Palmetto Grant Consulting offers specialized training in successful grant seeking. We have prepared presentations on a number of grant-related topics, including grant writing, funder research, and editing for grant writers, that can be tailored to your group or event.

In keeping with the best practices and ethics of development and grant writing established by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the Grant Professionals Association (GPA), Palmetto Grant Consulting does not work on a commission basis, and fees are never built into the grant request. Fees are determined based on the scope of the project and/or application process, the research required, and the timeline.

Thank you for your interest in our grant writing services. Though we cannot guarantee funding, we will do everything in our power to assist you in submitting a successful grant application!

To arrange for a free consultation to discuss your project and needs, please contact us. Also visit our resources page for other helpful information.