Sustainability… is a journey…

Most funders require organizations to craft a sustainability statement to define how the particular program will continue after funding is gone. Sustainability goes much beyond obtaining and maintaining funding. It is an ongoing process…a frame of mind.

I like to look at sustainability as a continuous journey, and not a destination, and not a definitive end. It has to do with continuously re-evaluating where you are as an organization. It involves addressing all parts of your organization – from your Board, to your programs, to your administrative procedures and your staff. It also includes addressing those external factors impacting your nonprofit. All components need to be highly functioning and exceedingly effective, as well as contribute to your mission and impacts.

That means ALL decisions and components must be carefully considered. The Board must be engaged and have specific roles delineated. Programming needs to be based on evidence or best practices with evaluation and impact measures in place. Your internal procedures must follow strict accounting principles, training for professional development at all levels, thorough data management systems, and grievance procedures. Overall your organization must be integrated in formal government and community systems and a maintain robust network of collaborators. AND finally, your programming must meet true community needs and move the needle positively towards social solutions. True sustainability addresses all these areas.

So enjoy YOUR journey…keeping all areas in mind will not only enhance your applications, but will strengthen your overall organization as well. PGC addresses all these areas when developing their grant proposals, projects, and sustainability statements. Please contact us to help you in your journey!


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