Uncertain Times…

woman drawing question markAt the beginning of the 2017, many organizations may be uncertain and mulling over where that leaves them in terms of programming, policy work, funding diversification, and stakeholder support.  The key is the ability to remain agile in uncertain times, but yet to “stay the course” so to avoid mission drift.

One overall suggestion PGC can give is to review and shore up your overall organizational strategic plan.  This is advantageous to do periodically anyway. Your plan, or roadmap, allows you and your organization to stay focused and moving forward.

As you are reviewing your plan and thinking about the future, keep in mind that this document guides you in fulfilling your mission toward becoming a highly effective and efficient organization and making an impact on your world. Review the plan’s big components and ensure that you have:

  1. Goals for each program or component of programming.
  2. Objectives that are measurable, timed, attainable, realistic, AND include a way to certify progress (pre and post-test, for instance, or survey to indicate impact).
  3. Methods and Strategies to ensure objectives are being met and that each one is being accurately measured. This component is your “implementation plan” that spells out your costs, responsibilities, resources needed, order of priority, and duration.
  4. Impact Statements or Outcomes that include both short term and long term results. These need to be more than just counting the number of clients you served or the number of presentations you gave. They must answer the question, “How did your organization make lives/communities/other organizations better?”

Including a strong and thorough outline of those components above will not only provide a guide to your organization in changing times, but also will make your organization attractive to funders.  An organization that clearly lays out its road map will be more likely able to make the impact it wants on the world. The key is preparing and being flexible…and sometimes being more patient than usual.  Remember to remain focused on your mission and build internal capacity, skills, know-how, and strength to face new challenges as they come.

PGC can help you bolster your strategic plan to weather these shifting times and to be as attractive to funders as possible. Give us a call!




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